Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

We are entering the 2019 competition and this is our first time entering so I know that registration isn’t until January but I was wondering do we need to do anything before that?

All you have to do between now and registration is plan and make your design – remember to include accessories! If you are a brand new school who hasn’t entered the competition before, you are very lucky as for first time entrants we facilitate special workshops where a JK representative will come to your school and go through everything you need to know about the competition.

Do you have to enter the competition through your school or can you just register on your own with your friends?

You must enter the competition and register through your school. You also must include your teacher due to our child protection policy. All team members involved in the design must also be from the same secondary school.

Why is the closing date at the end of January?

This is to ensure enough time for judging, to contact successful applicants and to leave enough time for schools to organise transportation and performances for the regional shows.

Why are the regional shows in these particular venues?

The shows are held in these venues for travel convenience and seating capacity.

Why is there online voting?

To acknowledge the hard work and creativity of the students and their creation, but most importantly to create awareness and highlight the importance of reusing and recycling through social media.

Is voting not unfair on smaller schools?

Designs from smaller towns have statistically achieved the most votes over the last few years, this may be down to better community spirit.

Can you see how many votes you have got?

This year your votes will be tallied up instantly and displayed.
Do judges inspect the designs up close? Yes, before each regional show begins each judge will personally inspect each design to see special details, materials used and talk to the designers.

Why do the models have to put on a performance?

We are putting on a show and therefore performance is essential.

Can we use a second hand dress as our base layer, can we use glitter and paint? / Are you allowed to cut up and reuse old clothes and shoes for your Junk Kouture entry or does it all have to be recyclables like cartons and paper?

Of course, you can use any old clothing and shoes in your design, as long as they’re no longer in use. You can also use new materials such as glue, staples, paint, glitter etc, to put your design together and manipulate the main recycled materials in your design.

Can we have 3 team members involved and a separate model?

Unfortunately, due to limited space backstage at the shows, the model must be included in the 3 members.

Can I use smoke machines and specified lighting for my performance?

No, we have a professional company who look after all lighting and effects and alter it for each design on stage. No special requests will be given.